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Welcome to Stanford Research Computing

These are documentation pages to assist you with using our resources. For events, staff, and the official Stanford page, please see


If you need help with software development, continuous integration, data structures, containers, or other work involving your analysis pipelines, RSE Services can offer it.


Sherlock is a shared compute cluster available for use by all Stanford faculty and their research teams for sponsored or departmental faculty research.

The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center offers a range of high-throughput computational resources, currently used by over 150 faculty members and 600 researchers in genetics and other related disciplines.

Nero is a new highly-secure, fully-integrated research data platform to enable cross-disciplinary collaboration, with capabilities to easily develop and share data models.

Farmshare is a compute environment available to students, faculty and staff with fully sponsored SunetIDs. It is suitable for coursework-related and miscellaneous computational tasks.

Oak is a High Performance Computing (HPC) storage system available to research groups and projects at Stanford. It is available for use by all Stanford University and affiliated research projects and groups.

XStream is a computational cluster supported by a NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant awarded to Stanford principal investigator (PI) Todd Martinez (Chemistry/PULSE Institute) and co-PIs.

For getting started with a general linux cluster, see the Getting Started page. If you need help or want to improve the site, please open an issue or contact us at