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Self Identification

“Do you consider yourself a research software engineer (RSE)?” 2020

Confidence in Skill

How confident are you with the following technologies? 2020 Version Control Continuou...

Developing Research Software

Have you developed your own research software? 2020

Hiring RSEs

Have you or someone in your group ever hired someone specifically to develop software? 2020 ...

Importance of Research Software

How important is research software to your work? 2020

Including Software Costs

Have you ever included costs for software development in a funding proposal? 2020

Job Title

What is your job title? 2020 Titles have been post-processed to add grouping. We call ...

Lab Software Development

“Does your lab use or develop any open source software, or services?” 2020

Open Source Software Developed

List any software that is created or managed by your group or lab? 2020 This is only a small sa...

Open Source Software Used

List the top open source libraries that you use? 2020 If you look closely, you'll see everythin...

Software Development Expertise

How do you rate your software development expertise? 2020

Software Development Needs

How suitable would the following models be for your software development needs? Hire a full-time ...


Do you feel that you have received sufficient training for software engineering best practices? ...

University Support

How would you rate the university’s current level of support for your software-development needs?...

Using Research Software

Do you use research software? 2020

University Affiliation

In which school or unit are you most strongly affiliated? 2020