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Research Software Engineering Services

This is the portal for research software engineering (RSE) services from Stanford Research Computing.

How can an RSE Help?

Here you can find support for:

  • Scaling of an algorithm to run on HPC and/or cloud services
  • Initial development of a code repository, including but not limited to creating packages, testing, containerization, documentation, and data provenance (e.g., DOIs).
  • Maintainer responsibility of a code repository, including responding to issues and addressing questions and feature requests for the continued lifecycle of the software


You might be interested in all the ways that we can help!

Did you know that...

A research software engineer can do much more than work on research software. RSEs have domain knowledge, and can write manuscripts alongside software, or content for a Methods section for the work you are conducting.

  • Levels of Service that range from a quick question to a longer term committment
  • Services for software reproducibility, maintenance, and scaling for high performance computing

See the About page for more details. If you have a question or would like to request support, please Open an issue.