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The following templates have been custom designed to be deployed on GitHub pages, meaning directly from your master branch, the master branch “docs” folder, or the “gh-pages” branch. To use any of these themes, just add the content there, and then activate GitHub pages in your repository settings.

Description: quickly generate a search interface for your GitHub user or organization


Description: a beautiful theme optimized for documentation, quizzes, etc.


Description: optimized theme for documentation with several sections


Description: a community template for your research software engineer group

RedDocs Jekyll

Description: A documentation site with a more formal portal


Description: an admin theme with charts.

All of these templates are open source, and available on GitHub, so if you see an issue or would like to request a change, you can open an issue or pull request on the project board.

Would you like to request a template?

Do you have a favorite template that isn't ready for GitHub pages, and need some help? We can develop it for you.

Would you like to see additional templates? Please let us know.