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Google Cloud

The following Google Cloud templates might be helpful to get you started to deploy something on app engine, or run a workflow. If you need any help with customization or setting these up, please don’t hesitate to reach out

Stanford Minimum Security Requirements

We take security very seriously at Stanford. Make sure that your application meets the Stanford Minimum Security Standards before deployment.

Google Flask Stanford

Description: A flask template with several themes and feature for Google App Engine.

Google Django Stanford

Description: A django template for Google App Engine.

Use Cases

1. I want to deploy a shiny app

If you have a shiny app that needs more than the 25 free hours on, you might be interested to know that Google Cloud has a ready-to-go template for R and Python applications.

All of these templates are open source, and available on GitHub, so if you see an issue or would like to request a change, you can open an issue or pull request on the project board.

Please let us know.