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High Performance Computing

Running a script on your local machine is one thing, but scaling the same task to run on a supercomputer can be much more challenging. We can help! Whether you are running on the sherlock, SCG-4, or another local resource, RSE Services can help to:

  • Scale your an algorithm to run on HPC and/or cloud services
  • Containerize your script to make it reproducible
  • Write submission scripts to optimally run your jobs


  • Memory management: If you are interacting with large files and running into memory issues, we can help to optimize your code and runtime strategy.
  • Job submission: If you have a script that needs to be run on one of our clusters, we can help to develop and run it.

Additionally, we can provide details about the execution of the jobs that you can include in a methods section or similar.

Please let us know how we can help.