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Example Projects

The following projects are a sample of those that are in progress or completed by RSE Services. Each of these projects has a full support plan with a statement of work, and only the overall goals and links to project content are shared here.

NE Cyberteam Portal

Completed size small

This is a small documentation project that resulted in a finished web portal with content and requested views, along with a base project template for the community to enjoy.


Completed size large

This is a larger project to implement order and lab management services for open source genomics. The project includes development of front-end and back-end views, an API, efficient query, containers, documentation, and cloud deployment.

Budget Builder

Completed size medium

A legacy Drupal installation needed several features and views added. This project first reproduced the production environment with docker-compose, and then did the development changes, and when they were tested and working, the changes were done on the production server.

MHTTC Network

completing size medium

A group wanted a custom interweb for a local and set of national centers. The interface would allow invitation only access, and then generation of trainings, projects, and certificates.

If you like what you see and want some help for your own projects, please open a .