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Software Checklist Badge

How is this repository doing for reproducible software? View the points below, and generate a badge for your own repository.

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  • Repository: The source code is available at a public url.
  • Version: The software has a method to support versioning.
  • Contributing: A statement is included about how to contribute to the software.
  • Issues: An issues board is available for a user to ask a question, or request support.
  • Maintainer: At least one primary maintainer is identified.
  • License: An appropriate plain-text LICENSE file is included, ideally OSI approved [ref]


  • Installation: The repository includes instructions for installation in the README, including dependencies and operating system requirements.
  • Purpose: A clear purpose or statement of need is defined. A reader knows what the software does.
  • Getting Started: After installation, there is a clear “Getting Started” tutorial or similar.
  • Examples: Are included (via scripts or documentation)
  • Docstrings: If appropriate for the language, docstrings are rendered into code documents.
  • Functionality: All functions, client interactions, and if appropriate, API endpoints, are documented.
  • Living Documentation: A user can easily jump from any documentation page to ask for help, or contribute changes [ref]


  • Containers: The repository provides one or more container recipes (Dockerfile, Singularity) or a pre-built container.
  • Publications: Any relevant citations for papers or external resources are linked in the README.
  • Publications: Any required or supplementary data or similar artifacts are linked.

Continuous Integration

  • Automated Testing: is done with any request for change to the main (typically master) branch.
  • Environments: testing is done across operating systems and environments that cover 80% of use cases.