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NE Cyberteam Portal

Completed size small


To create a web interface to serve resources, projects, and people, including:


  • A base template that support projects, people, tags, and resources (done)
  • Styling of base template to match Cyberteam branding (done)
  • Completely statically hosted (no hosting costs or databases)


  • Researcher, Staff, and Student pages to describe contributors
  • Contributions and permissions via GitHub (version controlled)


  • A resources table with descriptions and links to external resources Projects pages contributed by students


After discussion with the project requester, the RSE proposed to move forward with the following steps:

  • Develop a template with basic requirements for projects, and pages
  • The template should be styled to the current Cyberteam branding
  • The template should be customized to have project, resource, and people layouts to match the content needed by the Cyberteam site
  • The content itself needs to be migrated (likely a manual process)
  • Documentation should be written to support adding projects, people, news, resources (in progress)


The RSE developed a base template, sb-admin jekyll, that included charts, buttons, and an overall layout that would be suited for customization for the Cyberteam site. The template was then instantiated at and further developed to include custom styling, projects and resources, tags, and search. Hundreds of previous entries were migrated to the site.


The entire project was completed over a weekend, plus in the evenings of a few days the following week. This is considered a relatively small documentation project, with the added feature of designing a new template that the community can enjoy.